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Refreshing Diffuser Blend Collection

Refreshing Diffuser Blend Collection

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Refreshing Diffuser Blend Collection

The diffuser bundle features three pre-prepared essential oil blends giving you options to enjoy at different times depending on the season, what’s going on in the home, or just your mood at the time. Featuring a bright Breath blend, a woodsy Forest blend, and an invigorating Focus blend, there is an aroma for every room and every mood.

The handcrafted, ultrasonic diffuser – available in black or white – is easy to use and easy to clean. Presenting as a sleek piece of home décor, the stone oil diffuser is a safer, subtler, and more cost-effective alternative to scented candles and traditional oil burners.

The essential oils can be used independently or blended with one another – or alternative oils – to create your own custom home aroma.

  • The Breath essential oil blend is a tasteful way to perk up a room, our Breath diffuser blend is sure to give anyone the little pick me up they need to continue with their day. The indoor equivalent of a breath of fresh, crisp outdoor air. Our Breath diffuser blend combines a number of beautifully scented, aromatic essential oils and ingredients to help instill a sense of coolness, calmness, and collectiveness in any room in your house.
  • The Forest essential oil blend features a calming combination of Irish Douglas fir from Co Cork, the rich woodsy wild black spruce, and renewing petitgrain, distilled from the wood and leaves of the bitter orange tree.
  • The Focus essential oil blend features
    • Peppermint is great for diffusing, it can help open up your airways ensuring you get more oxygen thus improving cognitive function. It is also great for eliminating feelings of stress and helps soothe irritability.
    • Cornmint is superb for helping to boost your mood and help balance your thoughts and can be great for headaches.  
    • Patchouli Not only does it smell great, but patchouli is brilliant for inducing feelings of relaxation and the aroma is great at helping to destress. 


The diffuser blend bundle includes a stone oil diffuser in white – and three Kotanical organic essential oil blends: Focus (10ml), Forest (10ml), and Breath(10ml).

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