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Focus Diffuser Blend

Focus Diffuser Blend

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Aromatherapy can be great for a range of different things. If you’ve been forced to work from home it can often times be hard to focus with so many distractions, not to mention being stuck inside all day from dusk to dawn. Our Focus diffuser blend is a great way to enjoy some beautiful fragrances all whilst the oils beneficial properties released into the air help to boost your cognitive ability and help regain your focus so you can get on top of your day ahead. The Focus diffuser blend has been wonderfully curated to combine a sensational mixture of oils which have been formulated to not only make you feel great, but to fill your space with delightful scents.

What Does Our FOCUS Blend contain?

Carefully tailored with aligning your focus and productivity, the Focus blend contains three beautiful essential oils with highly beneficial properties:


Peppermint is great for diffusing, it can help open up your airways ensuring you get more oxygen thus improving cognitive function. It is also great for eliminating feelings of stress and helps soothe irritability. 


Cornmint is superb for helping to boost your mood and help balance your thoughts and can be great for headaches.


Not only does it smell great, but patchouli is brilliant for inducing feelings of relaxation and the aroma is great at helping to destress.


How To Properly Use The FOCUS Diffuser Blend

The FOCUS diffuser is a combination of powerful potent oils. We recommend that you only use 3-5 drops when adding to your diffuser.


  • Turn your diffuser completely off.
  • Open up the plastic lid and cover.
  • Use 100ml of water to add to the tank.
  • drop 3-5 small droplets of the FOCUS blend.
  • Put both the plastic lid and cover back on.
  • You can now turn your diffuser on again.

Choose the desired setting on your diffuser.

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