Oil Diffuser Recipes

Oil Diffuser Recipes

Oil DiffuserRecipes

With anever-growing list of options when it comes to essential oils, it can be a caseof trial and error working out which oils and blends work for you. As a rule ofthumb, if you like the scent, use the oil. A familiar and uplifting scent willalways create a more positive environment, but if you’re looking for some newblends to introduce to your routine, here are some tried and testedcombinations:

Rise AndShine

Wake up ina positive state of mind with this bright but calming combination, putting aminty pep in your step balanced with the calming qualities of lavender, and theuplifting citrus essential oils:

·       2 drops of Peppermint

·       2 drops of Wild Orange

·       2 drops of Grapefruit

·       2 drops of Lavender

Get UpAnd Go

This blend canbe used as a morning pick-me-up or as an energy boost at any time of the day.It a simple and very popular blend as it improves mental alertness and liftsyour mood:

·       4 drops of Wild Orange

·       4 drops of Peppermint

Spring InYour Step

Fill yourhome or office with harmonious floral scents to relieve tension and stress, andopen your mind through the soothing scents of spring:

·       4 drops of Vetiver

·       3 drops of Ylang Ylang

·       2 drops of Clary Sage

·       2 drops of Geranium

·       2 drops of Bergamot

Summer Loving

This freshsummery aroma is great for throwing open your windows and revitalizing yourhead and your home. With wellness benefits including relaxation,stress-reduction, positivity and mental clarity – use this blend in summer, orbring summer to your home in the winter:

·       3 drops of Grapefruit

·       3 drops of Lavender

·       2 drops of Lemon

·       2 drops of Spearmint

SunshineIn A Bottle

Anothercheery citrusy blend with brightening and uplifting benefits, this can be usedin the morning or afternoon for energy and focus, and it can be used duringshorter days and darker nights to keep your mood sunny and uplifted:

·       3 drops of Wild Orange

·       3 drops of Grapefruit

·       2 drops of Lemon

·       2 drops of Bergamot

Stress Less

If you’reexperiencing tension or anxiety, this simple combination leverages thestress-busting qualities of frankincense with the soothing properties ofbergamot.

·       2 drops of Frankincense

·       2 drops of Bergamot

Breathe Deep

This blendserves as a decongestant – both physically and mentally. It is great for flu seasonas it helps to clear airways and support respiratory function, but alsostimulates mental focus:

·       2 drops of Lemon 

·       1 drop of Lime 

·       2 drops of Peppermint

·       1 drop of Rosemary

·       2 drops of Eucalyptus

·       1 drop of Clove

Keep CalmAnd Diffuse

Whetheryou’re looking to combat high stress points throughout the day, or simplylooking for a soothing blend to use as part of your bedtime routine, thiscalming blend is great for relieving tension and clearing the mind:

·       1 drop of Bergamot

·       1 drop of Patchouli

·       1 drop of Ylang Ylang

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