Can a Diffuser be Used as a Humidifier?

Can a Diffuser be Used as a Humidifier?

Can a Diffuser be Used as a Humidifier?


Buying items for your home can be exciting, but if you don’t want to end up with a lot of clutter, it is wise to find things that can be used for more than one purpose. However, working out whether your new essential oil diffuser can double up as a humidifier can be confusing, so take a look at our advice and then buy with confidence.

How an Oil Diffuser Works

Aroma diffusers are used to disperse microscopic beads of oil into the atmosphere so that you can benefit from the effects that the oil produces. They use vibration and water to mix the oil ready for release and then emit the oil through a fine mist that looks great and smells amazing.

Diffusers have become very popular in recent years because more people have come to understand how different oils can help with different needs. For example, lavender oil is a great tool for relaxation, eucalyptus oil helps with decongesting and citrus oil can boost your mood.

How a Humidifier Works

Humidifiers help to keep the air in your home moist and work by emitting water vapour in the form of a mist. They are typically very quiet machines and use vibration to create the mist that gets released.

Humidifiers are popular when you have an indoor heating system that is drying the air and works to keep the environment healthy so that your nose, lips, eyes and skin do not dry out. They are also particularly popular for use with children and babies that suffer from coughs and congestion.

Can an Electric Oil Diffuser Be Used as a Humidifier?

It’s clear to see that these two tools have a lot in common, but essentially their purpose is completely different! A humidifier offers a greater output than a diffuser, and a diffuser is made to disperse essential oils.

Humidifiers come with a plastic water reservoir that has not been designed for use with oil, and doing so may cause damage to the unit, rendering it useless. However, an electric diffuser is made from a special plastic that can hold both water and oil without damage, meaning it can be used as a humidifier as well as a diffuser.

It is important to note that whilst your diffuser can be used as a humidifier, it will not produce the same level of moisture as a humidifier, making it good when you are looking for a bit of moisture rather than a lot!

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