Are Diffusers Safe to Use Around Pets?

Are Diffusers Safe to Use Around Pets?

Are Diffusers Safe to Use Around Pets?


As more people enjoy essential oil diffusersevery year, it is important to consider the health and safety implications thatcome with them. Fortunately, essential oils are typically very safe for humanusage, but if you are a pet owner, then you may need to consider theimplications for your pet’s health when you turn your diffuser on. We took alook at safe usage around pets so that you can enjoy worry-free usage for yearsto come.


Are Aroma Diffusers SafeAround Pets?

Whilst diffusersare not harmful by themselves, certain essential oils can be unsafe for usearound pets. When you consider that most animals have a heightened sense ofsmell compared to humans, then your choice of oil can, at best, be unpleasantand, at worst, be harmful.


Plus, when your pet inhabits a space that houses a diffuser,then they are more likely to inhale the oils that you are diffusing, causingdamage to their respiratory system and increasing the likelihood of needing vetcare and treatment.


Which Essential Oils areToxic for Pets?

Now you know that some essential oils can be harmful to pets,then it is important that you know which types to avoid when you put your aromadiffuser to work. If you are in a room on your own where your pet cannotaccess, then it should be fine, but the following list of oils should be usedsparingly when there are pets in the vicinity:

·      Eucalyptus Oil

·      Cinnamon Oil

·      Peppermint Oil

·      Tea Tree Oil

·      Citrus Oil

·      Ylang Ylang Oil

·      Pine Oil

·      Wintergreen Oil


If you find that your pet displays negative symptoms whenyou use other types of essential oils, then it is vital that you cease use ofit immediately and get proper advice from your local vet.


What Symptoms Could My PetDisplay?

If your pet has been negatively affected by an essential oildiffuser, then it may display one or more of the following symptoms:

·      Unsteadiness

·      Watery eyes and nose

·      Respiratory problems

·      Cold to touch

·      Vomiting


If you are concerned that your pet may have essential oilpoisoning, then get them out into fresh air, wash any oil off their skin or furand contact your vet and take the oil that you have used to your appointmentfor the vet to see.


Put Your Diffuser on aSchedule

The good news is that you can owna diffuser and pet at the same time and still live in harmony. Some of the simpleststeps you can take include positioning your oil diffuser in a room that yourpet doesn’t access or scheduling time for your diffuser when your pet isotherwise engaged. Taking the time to plan your usage means that you can lookforward to the benefits of diffuser use without putting your pet at risk.



Buying from the Kotancials range of diffusers will help youto find an aroma diffuser that works for you and your pet. As a leadingsupplier of oil diffusers and essential oils in Ireland, we are here to helpyou get the products you need without compromising your pet’s safety. Take a look at our site and place your order today!

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