3 Essential Oils With Mental Health Benefits

3 Essential Oils With Mental Health Benefits

3 Essential Oils With Mental Health Benefits

Up to 1 in 4 adults in Ireland will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime. Many of us may find ourselves overwhelmed, stressed and anxious due to busy schedules, social media consumption or even because of the events that we see in the news.

Here at Kotanical, we are firm believers that aromatherapy can help to alleviate common indicators of depression and anxiety. The practice of aromatherapy eases symptoms of long-terms sufferers and can provide a lift during particular times of stress.

How does it work? The smell of the oils is directed to the limbic system – the part of our brain that controls emotions, heart rate, stress and hormone balance (to name a few). Whilst we can’t guarantee a cure-all, our customer have reported great success with Kotanical aromatherapy blends! We love using our essential oils in the following ways for a mood-boosting effect:

• Using in a diffuser. 

• Applying topically to the skin, mixed with a carrier oil. (Coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil.) 

• Adding to bath water or to a pillow. 

Which Oils Should I Choose?

We have selected three essential oils as our go-to products for stress relief. Each one has a different characteristic aimed to target the different symptoms associated with mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and stress.

Of our trio of lavender essential oils, the ‘High-Altitude’ is the most relaxing thanks to its high ester content. It’s basically a supercharged version of our original Lavender Oil. The floral, ‘outdoorsy’ scent is known for its calming qualities. Very much in the same way that spending time in nature has been proven to help with many different mental health issues.High-Altitude Lavender is also famous for its claim to treat insomnia, a symptom that often goes hand-in-hand with anxiety and depression. By slowing down your heart rate and relaxing your muscles, this oil helps you fall asleep quickly. If you struggle with getting your 8 hours uninterrupted, use the oil in your diffuser to keep your room full of the snooze-inducing scent. 

2. Lemongrass Essential Oil

This refreshing, citrusy scent is ideal for those that need help with getting a ‘clear head’. Often used in cooking and as an ingredient in soap and body products, Lemongrass is best known for the natural relief of tension and headaches. It can also lower blood pressure, another common side effect of stress.So, what’s its secret? There is research suggesting that a compound in Lemongrass called Eugonel releases serotonin, or ‘the happy chemical’. We love using this one in kitchens and living areas to promote positive vibes for everyone in the house!

Wild Orange has a combination of effects that make it both uplifting AND relaxing. This makes it the perfect essential oil to use in any environment. We would particularly recommend it for an office of home-working space. Because it is sweet and strong, it helps to purify the air and promote an increase in energy. At the same time, it helps to lower the pulse rate - which is ideal for those feeling stressed due to impending deadlines or heavy workloads.Wild Orange also has a high volume of antioxidants, so it’s a great oil to use topically (with a carrier oil, of course). It can clear up congested skin and boost the immune system, which is also what a lot of us need when we are feeling run-down or stressed. 

Try these essential oils for yourself with Kotanical’s Wellness Booster Bundle.

Why Kotanical

Our Essential Oils are 100% Organic Certified Cruelty Free by the leaping Bunny Program with true wellness benefits to help you sleep better, stress less, boost your energy or lift your mood.

KOTANICAL: Little Drops Of Oil, Big Difference.

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